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Lake Titus

Boating Safety


Navigation Rules

CLICK HERE to view the NYS navigation rules.  

These rules apply to Lake Titus.


Free, Online Boating Safety Course (soon to be required of ANYONE who operates a motorized vessel in NY)


Current state law requires the following people to successfully complete a certified boater-safety course:

•  Boat drivers born after 5/1/96 

•  Operators of a jet-ski (personal watercraft) (regardless of your age).

A new law, currently awaiting the governor's signature, will require ANY boat driver (regardless of age) to pass a certified boater-safety course.

The good news is that such a course is available ONLINE.  And it's FREE!  Also ... upon successful completion, you can print your certificate.

CLICK HERE for detailed course information.

Be sure to check back for updates on the new law.